Solo Show: Delete, 2016

Delete, 2016

Tasku Galeria, Helsinki

Wood and concrete plinths, Acer mini projectors, video loops

Dimensions Variable

This is a piece of work I completed while on an exchange to Helsinki, Finland. I began my art research in the city with a refreshing clean slate. I wrote this quote boldly in one of the first pages of my new notebook;

‘The task is not to see what has never been seen before,

but to think what has never been thought before about what you see everyday.’ -Erwin Schrodinger

For months I looked around Helsinki, exploring its suburbs and analyzing how the Finnish culture had manifested itself in its architecture and built environment.

What resulted was an installation in which I set up multiple overlapping projections of footage I had filmed from buses, interlaced with footage of a demolition I observed and footage from some abandoned houses I had found.

I wanted to layer the contrasting materialities of these buildings and was reflecting on people’s attitudes and fascination with degradation and lost architecture.

The installation aspect was a break through for me in that it was the first time I had successfully used the projection as a material object rather than just a mode of viewing a film.


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